Running, Driving, Working. More of the Same.

May 21, 2014 By Tom

My life has been truly exciting, but it’s been more of the same of all the good things that have happened over the last few months.  And I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, so I’ve been laying low.

I just haven’t had a whole lot of awesomeness to write about, or at least a whole lot of awesomeness I can talk about just yet.  I’ve been in the office working hard and making some really cool things happen.  Currently working on a deal that would bring our programs at work into 11 charter schools in town (which is awesome), and finding sponsors and figuring logistics to finalize details on the 27 school program sites we’ll have in the 2014-2015 school year.  It’s crazy to think I’m not just preparing to hire a full time employee, but am looking down the short road to what a bigger staffing situation is.  A year ago, I never thought we would be here.  Today, I can’t believe how far we’ve come in a year.

“we be rollin’, and growin’, and rockin'”

Hosting a cook-out at the house on Monday for Memorial Day with a bunch of friends which will be a blast.  And then, in the most adult-like thing possible, I’m hosting a dinner with some corporate friends/peers in the NPO industry next weekend.  Who would have thought I’d actually be excited to entertain at the house (the remodel certainly helped that…)!

Other than that…had a nice low key weekend where I laid low on Saturday and spent the vast majority of Sunday building out the company trailer.  I feel like I’ve been running around town from good meeting to good meeting in the company truck and have been staying busy on the social media side of things.  I’ve been writing a bit for more corporate themed blogs that I’m hoping I can find somebody who wants to use it as a guest blog.  I’m hoping to pick up where I left off on So Much Life in Such Little Time and otherwise tying up loose ends before summer programs start at work.

halfway through building it out

downside of having a big truck for a company vehicle? it makes parking downtown interesting at times

We’re planning 2 MAJOR events that will be awesome fundraisers for Nine13 and I’ll talk about them on here before we officially announce them on the corporate side.  The first, is an event we’re calling “Run for the Bike”, which will be a relay style team running event on 9/13 downtown in the evening.  Think about combining good friends, a 90 minute timed event with a short loop and 4 person teams, and lots of beer.  The second, an event that we’re partnering with several major companies on The Circle to have a corporate style event that combines bikes and running on a Friday afternoon and is a fundraiser for two non-profits.  More details to come on both in the next few weeks.

Let me get back into personal blog mode, expect to see a lot more writing over the next few weeks!