Sad Day in Hoosier Nation

August 14, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

If you have not already heard; the city of Indianapolis experienced an awful tragedy last night that has been covered by media outlets all over the globe.|defcon|text|

Lauren and I knew several people that were there for the concert and even in the section that was crushed.  Fortunately with the ease of social networking they were able to confirm they were okay in the minutes and hours after the incident. 

Both Lauren and I agree that as we experienced with The Crash; both IU Health (Methodist) and Wishard Health are two of the best hospitals available anywhere in the country to have available to tackle such an overwhelming incident.  It hit even closer to home last night when we saw one of the nurses who was with us for our day running into the ER on the news coverage.

The Hoosier flag is flying at half-mast today; but in the darkness of this, it only reaffirms our belief that the people within the Indianapolis community are some of the best anywhere.  The sight of hundreds of those in the crowd rushing to help others trapped in the chaos instead of rushing to the exit hits close to home for us; and we can only assume that many of the first responders to our scene were the first ones in last night.

Our thoughts and wishes are with all those directly impacted; may whatever strength or divinity you have help guide you over these next days and weeks.

With Love