September; Round 2

September 2, 2011 By Lauren and Tom
Last year L and I didn’t really “come too” until September and it was around that time we started to grasp the reality of what had happened; it had gone from awful nightmare to awful reality. There’s a Green Day song that says “wake me up when September ends”; and we pretty much felt like we were living that scenario.

I’m happy to report that this September brings a fresh light to us and we are more settled this time than 12 months ago. We’ve got lots going on; L is busy at work, I’ve got a ton going on with the NPO as it’s really starting to grow and get outside support, I turn 25 in a few weeks, and we find ourselves more at peace with everything that is going on in the background as we’ve realized there is little we can do to change it. 

So as we celebrate the weekend with our parents, as we cheer on IU football, and we are excited for the many events that we have in the next few weeks; I think it’s safe to say that September brings a bit more sunshine for us this year and this time around we find ourselves reflecting instead of processing the shock. 

Though, in a few weeks, I might find myself processing the shock of turning 25…!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the holiday. We’ll be sure to get a blurb up about Lauren’s half marathon tomorrow afternoon.