SKL Acceptance, the New Office, and a Broken Bone

July 15, 2015 By Tom


The big news around Camp Hanley in the last week was the public announcement that I was accepted into the Stanley K. Lacy Leadership Series (SKL) Class XL (press release here). Secretly, it was one of the things that I had on my list of personal or professional goals to accomplish over the next few years and with the immense talent in this city, was unsure if I would be accepted in on my first application attempt.

there were 10 days between finding out and the announcement, it was a hard secret to hold in

It’s a huge honor and when you look at the list of the previous 39 classes, many of our city leaders at civic, corporate, and government levels are all previous SKL graduates. This year, Mark Miles, CEO of everything IndyCar related, is our year long moderator and for that, I’m incredibly excited.


Nine13 moved into our new office space last month and that in itself has been a huge functional change for me. It’s oddly weird to have a place to go to work and I find myself falling into a more traditional 9-5 routine and know that will become more like school hours 7-4) once August rolls around. We have a lot of work to do in the office: painting, refinishing desks, getting the bikes installed, getting furniture, building out the conference room, building out the bike repair area, getting some utilities figured out, and finalizing the hiring of the staff to help run it.

refinish this desk, get some paint on the walls and get stuff hung–can’t wait for this all to come together

I’m hoping to have an office open house for our friends, volunteers, donors, and family towards the end of September/early October.


live from the ER

The other big news around the house is that I slipped and fell last week and fractured my tibia. I’m really fortunate, it didn’t need surgery (highly unusual) and it’s a weight bearing fracture that means I’m not in a full cast and I can push forward with walking on it as I feel I can tolerate it. I wish there was a good story, but there isn’t, I simply fell walking down to the boat and landed funny. I’m already on the mend and making progress in terms of how it’s healing.

Never Stop Moving

It’s hard to never stop moving when you’re on crutches, but that’s been the motto of the last week…

the Monday after I did the damage and I was right back to programming

It’s been a nonstop couple weeks of work meetings and putting together some really cool things at Nine13. I think we’re close to having some major news to finally push out, and I’ve also not been resting on just that…we’re laying the foundation to roll out not just 1, but potentially 2, program teams over the next few months. I’ll write a bit more about that adventure in the next few weeks, but needless to say, I’m beyond excited.