Something Borrowed

August 17, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

Emily Giffin is one of my favorite authors.  Her writing is captivating and truly brings the characters to life as if you are a part of their lives. Back in my free time of summers off from school, I used to wander the bookstore and pick up books that caught my eye, read the back and purchase if they sounded interesting and repeat the process every few weeks. Now Amazon is my best friend. They keep your credit card on file and try to upsell you with the whole for “$4.95 more you could get free shipping”….watch out it’s a dangerous process. 

Anyway, so Emily Giffin’s Something Borrowed and Something Blue caught my eye about 4 years ago. I won’t lie the fact that the books are pink and blue didn’t hurt but none the less, judging this book by its cover didn’t fail me.  I was captivated and didn’t put these books down.  Unfortunately, Giffin’s later books just didn’t hook me as well as these did. Maybe she’ll keep writing…please, please, please! 

Well, as I said these books rocked soo much that they made Something Borrowed into a movie! I was a little worried because sometimes the movies are terrible compared to the book but this movie exceeded my expectations!!!! We for some reason missed it when it was out in the theaters so I’ve been counting down the days until it came out on DVD. I literally asked Tom about 20 times if it was on On Demand because they say “same day as theaters”…liars, apparently it’s only certain “artsy” movies.  BUT the Hubs loves me soo much he put on his calendar when this movie was coming to DVD and so kindly reminded me yesterday.

So FINALLY, I was able to go to On Demand and order Something Borrowed!!!! The characters were true to the book and the story was perfectly placed into a movie plot line. It had been 4 years since I’d read the book and the story came right back to me. Of course, I’d get excited when I remembered exactly the next part or that was what I had pictured in my mind while reading the story…Tom was none too impressed but he even admitted it was a good movie! Maybe my expectations have changed over the years but Hollywood you impressed me, yet again.

You should read the books and THEN see the movie. The movie will be better that way…I promise.  I’m off to read Something Blue again so I’ll be prepared when they make that book into a movie…oh I can only hope J