Streamlining Bachelorhood (and looking for suggestions)

February 28, 2015 By Tom

I’m a 28 year old unmarried dude who lives alone in a pretty awesome house.

I also work nonstop and have a crazy schedule that can keep me away from the house for 15 hours at a time a few days per week.

Needless to say, my attention to cleaning, shopping and other functional things hasn’t always been the most impressive thing on my list of qualities. The pile of clothes that you can often find on my floor is a prime example of that.

I’m fortunate that I’ve got a job that pays pretty well (finally) and that has security and growth attached to it. I’ve been able to offload some of my day to day logistics to my staff to help keep my sanity and have made it a goal to keep up my time in the gym and at crossfit as we continue to survive the cold weather of 2015.

With that being said, taking care of the house and getting grocery shopping done has often taken a back seat to my crazy schedule. It’s something that I’ve just dealt with–including the massive amounts of dog hair and the annoyance of never feeling like my beautiful home was clean and tidy.

I’ve finally taken a couple of simple strides to change that–I hired an awesome house cleaner who doesn’t just scrub, but does stuff like change sheets, wrestle the duvet I hate and put away dishes in the dishwasher. The dogs love her and she puts up with the insane amount of dog hair generated in any given day. She’ll be here once per week making my life so much better and letting me offload something that was really wearing me down mentally and causing stress.

The other thing I have done is finally sign up for Green Bean Delivery. I usually buy a stock pile of meat, but going out and buying fresh fruits and veggies has never been a huge thing on my to-do list. It often leads me to just grab something out/go out on the town for a date versus cooking here and enjoying my favorite kitchen and bar. Green Bean has their combo service which allows me to also get select groceries delivered (milk, eggs, cheese, bread) and save the trip to the store myself while encouraging me to better plan my meals for one (or two) here at the house.

I’m hoping that by taking care of the basic grocery stuff and having it delivered to my doorstep; it will let me spend my Saturday at the butcher, coffee shop and the other much more enjoyable errands than rolling around the basic grocery store.

While I’m a bit down the road from being able to hire an assistant at work to keep my schedule and sanity–I’m hoping that these simple steps act as a stress relief for me and allow me to better manage the little downtime I have.

For all you other twenty and thirty somethings out there–what other services do you use to make your life easier in a day to day fashion? What am I missing that will allow me to free up an extra few minutes or to be able to breathe a bit easier?

I’m going to go enjoy my nice clean house…