Sunday Radio Listening (And Radio Replay)

April 13, 2014 By Tom

I’m sitting on the couch with the radio playing on every speaker in the house, waiting to hear my radio segment on Pete Dunn’s show.  My goal is to start this blog before the piece gets aired and then by the time the segment plays I can toss a link into the end of this post.  Bonus points that on Pete’s show today is my buddy Jake, talking about his new brewery as well–once again highlighting Indy is a small town where everyone knows everyone when we land on the same broadcast totally by coincidence.


Zee knows how to guard the grill well

I had a cookout last night for some friends and a celebration of the great weather that we have going for us this weekend.  Burgers on the Egg, potatoes and corn on the  grill, the fire pit rocking and rolling and eating outside around the big table—it was absolute perfection on so many levels and was good to be back outside with people enjoying the evening.

I finally got the top stripped off the Jeep yesterday for the spring/summer season.  It was reason enough to go explore Tow Yard Brewing yesterday for the first time and try their food.  It’s a really cool scene, can’t wait to try their beer (they only had guest taps yesterday), but a great view of the Indy skyline and a perfect way to kick off spring.

BlChP8YCcAAobZa.jpg large

not a bad view from the south side of Indy

Lots of good stuff going on this upcoming week–a major potential sponsor/grant organization is joining us at a school site tomorrow to see how we can collaborate, media with us one day this week, a couple of other VIP’s visiting sites towards the end of the week and working on details related to a fun running fundraiser this fall for Nine13.

*update* Just listened to the radio broadcast from my piece with Pete on WIBC, super happy with how it came out.  It was my first radio piece, ever, and it was neat to see how the process works.  Here’s a link to listen to the 10 minute segment (2nd one on the list):