Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and Californication

June 16, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

(Note: Lauren has been incredibly busy saving the world this week, but I promise the next one will be from her)


I knew I was in trouble when I received this email the other day:

(Name withheld to protect the innocent, and yes, the innocent one is me in this, not them)

“Just something to keep in mind from me experience of reading blogs…i like pictures and text, not super super long posts…”

Fortunately I like this person, or else they would have received an equally long reply to my original posting commenting on how sound bites don’t do justice to human thought, I put myself above text or Twitter length messages, or any number of other replies; but I must admit…they were right on the fact that my “Salt, Sweat, Sugar (and the rest)” post was obnoxiously long.

You have to understand though, it’s freeing to be able to sit down and pen my thoughts, to type and find my style, and to feel like I’ve been able to loosen the shackles of the past year.  Having to be consciously aware of anything you say being able to be taken out of context, twisted, or molded to suit anybody who has a vested interest in The Crash, The Media, or The Defense is an emotionally and physically exhausting experience and we found it easier to just communicate with one another and avoid the outside world.  In our situation, having to ask a question such as “when does spousal privilege actually begin” to The Good Guys in order to make sure we weren’t walking a tightrope isn’t exactly what we signed up for in this whole thing and we never really expected to have to clarify when conversations couldn’t be used in the twisted reality show called The Lawsuit.

So as I find my words, I’ll try and keep the posts shorter or break them up into mini-series length over the course of a few days.  No more supercalifragilisticexpialidocious posts from me unless absolutely required to tell the story.


Californication is one of the best television shows currently being produced and one of my all-time favorites.  It’s also one of the most vulgar, crude, and downright explicit shows put together by any network, including Showtime on which it airs.  It’s not a show you watch if you tucked your kids in bed an hour before; it’s a show you watch when anybody who is remotely influenced by negative behavior that you care about is spending the night in another zip code so they don’t have the potential to remotely pick up any of the shows traits, language, or personality.

(Note to readers: I’m not saying I am, desire, or strive to be like Hank Moody in any way shape or form, at least the negatives in his persona)

I love Hank Moody (played by David Duchovny) and how he carries himself through life.  I know at first glance he comes off as a self-loathing, arrogant, alcoholic, sexualizing, and womanizing man with no verbal filter; but as you watch his character develop and grow and the seasons continue it becomes apparent that he has many of the best traits in life that help oneself get through the best and the worst of it all regardless of what others think or say.  Hank’s sharp wit, sharper tongue, truthfulness no matter what the situation, loyalty to his friends and daughter, and his intolerance of all things moronic or Darwinian of nature are his true underlying character traits and though his self-induced antics are at times idiotic in content, intent, or logic; are prototypical defense mechanisms compared to being vulnerable in his world.

I get it, maybe now more than ever.  Belief in what’s right, others doing the right thing, and relying on those whom you truly trust compared to hoping you can trust everyone, and having that support network you know will always be present is in my opinion the best way to go through life.  What I can’t tolerate are those taking shortcuts, hiding behind their egos, or thinking they are invincible; if people did the right thing and understood the consequences of their actions The Crash never would have happened.  It’s a shame that those responsible still aren’t stepping up to do the right thing, so instead that’s why the Lawsuit exists, to force the issue; but my sneaking suspicion is that with John Mavris’ previous criminal and civil history he doesn’t care much for doing “the right thing”.

Half the words of the last post, and I got to talk about my favorite television character and the guy who turned our lives upside down…I think I’m getting this Blogging thing down!