Surviving Snowpocalypse after the Colts

January 7, 2014 By Tom

It was an interesting weekend for sure.  After a few days back at work last Thursday and Friday, I had an awesome time at the Colts game on Saturday and got to witness one of the most exciting comebacks in NFL playoff history.  Had an awesome group that tailgated at Bakersfield before hand because of the weather, realized how small a world it is when I was talking to a few Marian graduates from the late 90’s who knew some mutual friends I raced with.

beautiful opening ceremony

not a bad way to tailgate

And then, Snowpocalypse hit.  It was every bit as bad as predicted and for once the weather warnings weren’t an over-exaggeration.  I’m fortunate that the house didn’t lose power, unlike part of my neighborhood and a good chunk of NW Indianapolis, about the worst thing that happened was that cable was out for 24 hours.

I kept the fire roaring in case power did go out and wound up taking in some friends and their family when they lost their power.  We had a fun pow-wow as friends, I got to hang out with some awesome kids for a day and the dogs were spoiled by the attention.  If anyone ever pondered how Zilla would be around little kids, he’s absolutely precious and didn’t mind the youngin’s climbing on top of him.  Here are some photos from the last 36 hours.

just to understand the depth of snow

the Jeep is the only method of transit for the next few days

Zilla loved the kids

had to make a fuel run with a neighbor for his generator, this is what the roads looked like just after the blizzard on Sunday night

Snow Dog Bailey

Bailey didn’t even mind the kids

waiting out the storm with some coffee

As she was saying bye, she made sure she gave Zilla a big hug (and made my heart melt)

it dawned on me to make an antenna out of some old wire to pick up TV signal over the air…would have been great if it dawned on me BEFORE the football game

it was a snowstorm, so I made s’mores for the kids in the fireplace (and it was as hot as it looks)

Zilla Snow Monster

Needless to say that a bunch of the work from the remodel was useful during the snowstorm and hosting a lot of people.  The fire kept the house warm, the garage heater kept the pipes out there from freezing, a kitchen that was easy to cook and host and of course, the full bar.  I survived, people are back home and I’m working from the couch today because it’s still nasty out.  Hope everyone else made it through safe and without damage, I reached out to a ton of people to make sure they were okay and had a lot of people check on me.  That’s what friends are for, right?

Keep diggin’ out,