The Best Office

April 7, 2014 By Tom

Days like today remind me why I deal with all the business stuff, all the headaches, and have spent the past 2.5 years turning a vision into a successful reality.

I’m exhausted, and can’t wait to wake up tomorrow morning and do it again.  The new staff member was incredible, the kids were great, the school has so much energy and things just went smoothly.

And, I got asked to do a radio interview that is being taped this Wednesday and airs Sunday for Pete the Planner which goes with interest from the Business Journal wanting to do a piece related to my recent publications on Bloomerang and Twenty Something Indy.

Things are moving quickly, it feels so good to be operating on all cylinders and seeing things come together.

photo 3

by far the best text I got today–who can’t smile at a T-Rex stretching its arms?

photo 2

a bit of Central Ohio pride seeing the Denison flag hanging up in the Guidance Office.

photo 1

the front of my office