The Birthday Dash hasn’t been Birthday Focused

September 11, 2014 By Tom

I’m sitting here at dinner, by myself, 36 floor above Indianapolis watching them test Lucas Oil Stadium’s big screens and auxiliary screens for Monday Night football as I look into the north facing window.  I’ve got a martini with fresh blue cheese stuffed olives in it next to my laptop and my phone on flight mode so it doesn’t ring.

Life is pretty damn good.

It’s been a big week, very good in a lot of ways with some really stupid headaches in other ways.  We launched another round of school programs and will be working with close to 700 kids a week for the next month in schools all across Central Indiana.  We launched our first school programs outside Marion county, delving into Shelby and Morgan county for the first time.  We’re tantalizingly close to some other organization related topics that will continue to shape and grow what we do.

I’m exhausted though, this was a scramble to get ready for this week with a couple of the deals and contracts falling into place at the last possible second.  As we continue to grow and expand that aspect of the business, it’s not as simple as just getting a check and branding a program by name–there’s t-shirts and marketing materials and logos, there’s press releases and thank you letters and contracts, there’s scheduling and logistical issues that have to be handled.  Somehow, we pulled it off–long hours, great suppliers, even better liaisons at each corporate partner and school site, It all worked out.

Tomorrow we start filming for a series of social media videos as well as being the stars in a commercial piece for another media company.  I should get some sleep at a decent hour tonight and not stay up working, writing, watching TV or trying to play with the pups who clearly just want to go to bed.  I need to be on my best tomorrow for this program site and the filming and an exhausted version of myself won’t exactly make anyone happy.

In some ways, I totally spaced this week that my birthday is on Saturday.  I made plans for tomorrow night without really taking into consideration what PiC might be planning.  I’ve got dinner reservations for Saturday with the folks who are coming into town to celebrate.  I’ve been so focused on everything going on, it just kind of slipped.

I’m off site at 2PM tomorrow and plan to fully engage in birthday shenanigans this weekend.  I’m hoping to get a few of the other regulars from the office to close down early for a Friday afternoon happy hour.

Mainly, I’m looking forward to a weekend totally off.  It was somewhat unexpected, but it’ll give me a chance to recharge the batteries and get ready for a busy few weeks.  Football, beer, friends and family, I’m pretty stoked about this whole turning 28 thing.

Hope you’re enjoying the view where ever you sit as much as I am enjoying the view of a beautiful fall evening in Indianapolis from the sky above.