The Grand Theatre

July 14, 2011 By Lauren and Tom
I know L has something in the pipe for late tonight or early tomorrow (depending on when we get back from date night); so I thought I would throw this up quickly.

I can usually tell what a really good album is by an artist when I have a smile listening to it even in the midst of a bad/hard work out. 

I’m not sure if I’ve talked about the Old 97’s before; but if you know me in real life I’m sure you’ve heard it at our home or in my car.

They just released an awesome new album last week called The Grand Theatre, Volume 2.

If you have not listened to the Old 97’s before; they’re an awesome Texas alternative/country/rock band depending on what album you catch them.  Incredibly gifted songwriters, great guitar riffs, play a great live show (and if you’ve ever seen the movie “The Break-Up”; they’re the band that plays live at The Riv in Chicago); anyways…if you check this album out and like it you can cheat and get a really good sample of many of their albums from their live release called “Alive and Wired”.

Check it out on iTunes, don’t hate me if you spend the $9.99 and don’t enjoy it; but Lauren and I rock out to them constantly.
Happy Thursday