The Life of Riley

July 16, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

We have some sad news to report from the Magee household. Our beloved Newfoundland, Riley, has passed on to puppy play land forever. His health was failing and it was his time. Riley now joins Abby, Murphy and Banner for the next journey of his life.  We’ll forever miss you Bubba.

Riley and his girls on the couch. He is secretly trying to get Brittany to move out of “his” spot.

He always loved a car ride with his mom and dad and of course to rock the Michigan collar. Funny how no OSU fans ever seemed to question him wearing U of M…

Riley hanging on the couch with the boys.

My favorite picture ever of Riley. You can truly see his size and he was “the biggest dog I’ve ever seen”. The famous saying whenever someone would meet him for the first time.  

We you love Riley!

L & TH