The More Things Change…

November 29, 2013 By Tom

It was a totally different Thanksgiving than in years past in many, many ways.

But, the more things change, the more many things stay the same.

In many ways, it was the same Thanksgiving as always in the Hanley house; Mom made an amazing meal, there was football on all day, we sat around the old Hanley family dining table, the turkey weighed 30 pounds and there was a ton of food.

The fact that the Lions won made for an awesome day, something I haven’t seen them do on Thanksgiving since 2003.

Getting to finally see my Uncle Terry who has had some health issues in these last few months was one of the many highlights of the day.  Wish I made it up here to see him more, but it was great to catch up with him and have a martini or two.

well into the evening

The amusement of a bottle or two of Willamette Valley Riesling that really hit the spot during dinner and the conversations during the wine was another great highlight.

“hey, did you know that’s where Cloudline Pinot Noir is from?”

After wrestling the turkey into the car and into the house earlier in the week I took advantage of the final product and ate well, additionally I wrestled with the legs of the turkey which were oversized –I swear that dude should have had enough leg speed and power to get away from the fate he ultimately had.

big legs, small brain (the turkey, not the Tom)

All fun times and joking aside, Momma Hanley knows how to do the Turkey Day right.  It was a beautiful evening, a perfect meal and I’m pretty excited for leftovers today.  If you’ve been to a Hanley Thanksgiving, you know exactly how awesome this scene is:

the always awesome table at the Hanley house

This post also completes my 5 blogs a week for the month of November goal, which I achieved.  On a whim, and some peer pressure, I signed up for Think Kit daily blogging for December, so I’m starting a new journey on Sunday in terms of writing with a daily prompt.  Stay tuned and always feel free to use the comment section.

Hope you had a great holiday, that includes all of you who weren’t at our table yesterday with family and friends.