The Past 2 Weeks

March 4, 2013 By Tom

It seems to be a theme recently when I say “the last week has been a blur”–but this one is no different.

Work has been so busy my head is spinning, we just had 3 days of huge program events with VIP guests and media-

Nine13sports was represented by our good friend who Lauren ran with at IU, Larra Overton,at a celebrity charity darts tournament last Wednesday evening

Lauren and Larra

Boomer and me

Larra representing the colors well

The downtime has been pretty slim for us between work and life so after grabbing some grub on Saturday after the program event we pretty much retreated home and laid low till this morning and the need to go back to work.

Schools are in beginning ISTEP testing this week which means we’re in our offices which is by no means a bad thing–we’ve got a ton going on and this allows my full attention on a few things that need to be wrapped up.  We’re planning a few small fundraisers and continuing to develop some great ideas for this summer so I have my hands full from the HQ.

Lauren and I are a few months away from our 3 year Anniversary (wow) and are trying to decide what we want to do.  First anniversary that we don’t have to share with attorneys which makes us very happy.  We’ve got a few ideas but still have enough time to figure it out.

Other than that we’re just waiting for some warm weather to take advantage of our deck and fire pit and enjoy some much needed spring weather.  Soon…very soon…I hope…