thinking 6 steps ahead and ready to get there (the entrepreneurial way?)

August 20, 2015 By Tom

working with my team, talking about how we execute vision (photo from Indianapolis Star)

I’m a planner. A thinker. A guy with a crazy vision. An idea of how we can help reshape youth and get them thinking about being healthy and fit in a totally different way.

I know it can work, because it already is.

I know who my next 6 employees will be, even if I’m months away from being able to hire them.

I have the plans in place for expansion of team two and three, and have had those plans created for months.

I have a spreadsheet that tells me what are next school sites are for work, what sponsors I need to follow up with, and who I need to track down and introduce myself too.

I have a running task list on my phone to make sure I thank every person who impacts Nine13 or me individually in a positive way.

I know a lot of great entrepreneurs, some who have already made it, some who will make it, and some who will go down in a ball of flames chasing their dreams. I know the “thinking and big vision mentality” is a trait shared among pretty much every person that enjoys turning their idea into reality. We’re working without a safety net here and you really have to love the process, the frustration, the sweet taste of success and the bitterness of failure to survive in this world. It’s not a gentle place, and it can be frustrating as hell no matter how successful you are.

I’ve got this road map in place, the kind of road map that will take us from three people employed, to six, and to twelve, and more importantly, we will more than quadruple the amount of kids we serve in Central Indiana. It’s not a head in the clouds dream, it’s tantalizingly close to reality. It’s a dream that two years ago I never thought would be feasible, but…we’re almost there.

After years of sacrifice, I’m ready to see my original vision (as highly modified as it is these days), come to fruition. I’m excited for what’s next, I’m excited to see what new dreams I develop within the confines of the organization (and let’s be real, outside Nine13 as well), and I’m beyond excited to have a team of equally as engaged people surrounding me.

Right now, and for the next few months though, the goal and daily reality is finally being able to check off the things on my list. It’s no longer daydreaming about what could be, but about what is. It’s no longer thinking “that might work” and instead, highlighting that not only is it working, but it’s growing.

And I’m excited, after the smoke clears from the celebration fireworks…I can’t wait to see what I come up with to add to my list and what new projects I’ll be able to tackle.