This night Is Not Over Yet

February 12, 2014 By Tom

This night is not over yet
Not everybody’s got what they came to get
Swing on by, you won’t regret if you meet at my place at three
Neighbors never understand
My post-party parties are never planned

“Faux Gucci Girl” Stroke 9

I had to use this song for the 9 Project, it’s only fitting after the past few days.  I was thinking of this song during the post party, and the post post party Saturday night after Wheels and Wings and how much fun we were having.  A night that was concluded well after 2AM.

The flip side to that is I’m way old and an after-party party is the death of me.  I had been fighting a cold for the better part of last week and come Sunday morning after living it up Saturday night….it hit me like a linebacker, like a penny dropped from the Empire State Building, or any other casual descriptor.

I’ve spent the last few days on the mend from that and keeping busy.  I tried to take Monday off of work, but failed miserably, even being sick.  I’ve spent the past couple of days handling the real job which has been crazy post Wheels and Wings, spooling up to officially announce a new sponsor for the company and juggling a complicated week that involved a media interview and hosting a Twitter Chat with one of our main program partners last night.

Video from an interview I did yesterday:

There are some good stories about that interview that I’ll share some other time, but let me just say that when a reporter is in a pinch, they’ll pick you up from the most random location and drop you back off after said interview is done.

Other than that, I’ve been in the process of building the back-end for my other new project and company, 4th Level Coaching.  This will be a cycling coaching company focusing on helping riders of all levels reach their best ability and their personal goals.  I’ll be focusing on both road and track riders, casual and elite, and already have several riders who will be joining me as early clients.  It’s a side gig that will hopefully give me challenges and help others succeed in a sport I have so much history in.  It’s something I’ve thought about doing for years, but with everything going I figured this was a great time to launch and get things going.

A bit of work I need to still do tonight, a busy couple of days coming up, a bit of relaxation with the dogs and a beautiful full moon outside.  Life is good.