Thursday Starts the Weekend (This Weekend at Least)

August 5, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

Another Friday after a busy week; L has been holding The Blog steady for the past few days as I’ve been running around with a schedule that is keeping me on my toes.

The Challenge has been going well, 4 days in and I have had some great workouts and really finding my focus on it again.  I’ve just changed my meds for my brain injury and am still getting used to them but am feeling a bit more “normal” on them than what I was on before.  Trial and error I suppose to find what works; we’re just crossing our fingers that “something” works!

We did our “Date Night” last night that L has blogged about before; as she said we just go with the mood for what we’re craving.  Last night after Lauren got home from her run we decided to do a low key date night and headed back downtown to get some wings and watch some preseason NFL coverage at BW3’s.  Of course; we were done there pretty early and with Gen Con (what’s Gen Con?) going on downtown we decided to go grab dessert and a glass of wine somewhere to people watch.  So we wandered over to one of our favorite wine bars in town, Tastings which is part of The Conrad; and we were able to sit outside and enjoy a bottle and some of the cooler weather that was gracing Indy.  We Wrapped up our bottle and walked to the circle, grabbed some ice cream from South Bend Chocolate Company, and just enjoyed the evening and some time alone.  The sights that were walking around downtown because of the Convention were great; elf ears, witches, we even saw a blonde devil at one point only missing her pitchfork…and it will only get crazier today and this weekend as more of them come into town.
Highly suggest…
Sorry, no elf ears either on me or in the background
Our favorite table at Tastings
We’ve got a crazy weekend though that last night really just kicked off; dinner with friends early tonight, late night arrival of the infamous East Coast Hoosier and we’re meeting her and her brother for a bite and she is crashing at our place.  Tomorrow is the first annual JBD Golf Outing which was put together by his high school friends as a way to get everyone together and benefit his daughter ABD a bit.  I’ve swung a club a few times but not since The Crash and my broken back; so it could be interesting!  We’re playing with B and CF so I’m sure the shenanigans will be great along with lots of good stories and laughs.  East Coast Hoosier has been taunting me all week preparing for her arrival; so I think we’re just buckling down and going with whatever happens this weekend!  We’re looking forward to seeing some great friends this weekend at the golf outing; I have not seen “Bill Armstrong” since Little 5 and he is coming up from Louisville, Law School is playing, and a bunch of other people as well…good times for all.
So with the busy weekend; it might be Sunday before you hear from us.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that these new meds work, kick back and enjoy the weekend, and if you happen to go golfing laugh at the image of Lauren and I trying to do the same.