Tom Gets Some National Press

February 13, 2013 By Tom

Yesterday was an exciting day in our house and in my job as a three page feature was published about my efforts with the most awesome non-profit around–Nine13sports.

It was something I was not expecting and that makes it even cooler–we had done a media day with the writer last fall and with everything on my plate it somewhat slipped my mind until I got a Tweet from somebody yesterday morning telling me we were in the magazine.

The nationally distributed magazine is called Bicycle Times and can be picked up at any Barnes & Noble and many other retailers.

This is the 4th major piece on Nine13sports in less than 9 months between different types of press and just the first of an even bigger focus on us over the next 6 months.

Additionally, this is the 2nd major national magazine Lauren and I have been involved with after the Cosmo piece that was published both here and overseas in December 2011 and one of the things that led to our involvement with the NCSR video in the summer of 2012.

Not bad for two 20-something-year-olds who don’t sing on a stage or catch a ball.

Now if you’ll excuse me–I’m going to go do something “punk rock style” in London to celebrate this recent press.

Read Article Here in PDF (Nine13sports Website):