True Friends

November 9, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

Of course, there are a million and one quotes about what a true friend means.

But a true friend to me means she understands my obsession love with Kristin Armstrong and truly embraces it.  Partly because I know she has the same feelings as I do.

So please imagine my excitement when I got a text Saturday (after my PR, might I add) from LM that she was at the New York Marathon expo for work and Kristin Armstrong was signing books and did I want one…..UM YES!!!!!!!!

Five minutes later I get a text message with this….

I no joke, started crying. If you don’t know what Carpe Diem means to me, click here.

I can’t wait to receive this in the mail and of course next time I see LM, tackle her with love and excitement. She is an amazing friend who just keeps moving further away! But it’s okay because I think I’ve set a new goal that I need to run all her marathons. 

Flying Pig half has been accomplished….guess that only means I’ll be signing up for the New York City marathon one of these years…no worries I’ve already recruited a running buddy for 2013 🙂