Validation, It’s Like Riding a Bike

April 11, 2014 By Tom

Zilla got scared of the storm at 4AM this morning which means my fur-dad duties went on duty at 4AM as well.  Now I’m wide awake and having to time-delay my emails in Outlook so I don’t look like I’m crazy to my business clients by working before 5AM.

This week has been all about getting back in the saddle in impressive fashion with work and being on the forefront of not only maintaining, but growing programs at Nine13.  I feel like I’m back where I belong, in the schools working with students and having a blast doing it.  I forgot how physically taxing our on-site programs are and feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, but as my spine doctor would say “that’s a good hurt” to have.  It’s awesome to validate all the hard work and sacrifice I’ve made over the last couple of years with the tangible results of seeing programs in place.

Yesterday we hit a new record by working with over 180 students between the two schools.  It was fun to tackle a new challenge of being in two schools in a single day and it went pretty smoothly.  WISH-TV joined us in the morning at one school for a piece that will air 5 times over a 4 day period beginning on April 22

another day at the office

my favorite kind of background

Of course, things can’t always go totally perfect–about 5 minutes before our sponsor liaison came in, and when media was already on site with us yesterday afternoon doing a story–our system PC crashed.  A whole lot of scrambling and being fortunate to have a backup laptop and we were able to make it seem like nothing had gone wrong.  That’s what planning, luck and being quick on your feet do.

And of course, working hard means playing hard.  Last night was opening night at Victory Field for the Indianapolis Indians which also meant I got to do my first ever Bike to the Ballpark from Sun King Brewing.  This created a chance to see lots of friends, do some networking, ride bikes to the game and watch some great baseball.  It was a bottom of the 9th win for the Indians and an awesome evening that gave me hope spring is finally arriving.

view from a bike on Market Street 

beautiful night

I’ve got an absolutely low key weekend ahead which is good after the craziness of the week and the fact next week is just as forward moving.  I plan on going for a trail run and relaxing, enjoying some warm weather and  unwinding from the busy first week.

Hope to write more this weekend.