We Move a Mile a Minute, Just to Keep Ourselves In It

February 3, 2014 By Tom

What’s your story send it over to me
I’ll take a look and see what there is to see
At least jot a few things down
Anything to let me know I’m in your head
And not on the ground

We move a mile a minute
Just to keep ourselves in it
Now I think we’ve come to far not to win it
What is it?

“City Life” Stroke 9

Once in a while  you need to kick back and have some serious fun-the kind of fun that involves feeling 22 again and having the most active social life in years…..0r, if you know me and my usual introverted ways….more so than you’ve ever seen me.

The crew from MBP Catering did an awesome job on my referral to SE. Anne Perry and the whole staff there rock.

this was a hopping place Thursday

The past few days have been a blast of randomness and normalcy all rolled into one.  The 2014 Launch Party at the Speak Easy was a blast on Thursday, dinner with some great friends Friday at their house and then volunteering and having fun at Winterfest on Saturday.  I’m proud to say that I had fun, responsibly, and besides having to fetch my car from a few different locations (thanks DD’s), I survived the weekend and made it to Monday still standing.  (Kids, there’s no excuse to drink and drive, ever—use Uber, or Lyft, or you know—have somebody with you to play DD).

Highway to the Danger Zone?

note to self: more pretzels on the pretzel necklace

I’ve got a crazy week ahead of me getting ready for Wheels and Wings and a major meeting tomorrow with a regional corporate entity I’ve had some ongoing discussions with.  I’ve been up since 4AM working and getting stuff done and feeling pretty happy with my Monday so far.  I had a great interview with a local online publication this morning, got an application filled out for something and have my game plan for the week chiseled out pretty well.

Changing topics….I had somebody ask me this morning, “you have a lot more going on than you write about, don’t you feel like your glossing over certain things?”

Simple, my writing is inherently selfish in nature—this is my platform to talk about my experiences and life–except when my talking about my experiences takes away another person’s ability to tell the story in their words.  I’ve got the utmost respect for those I have in my life and when in doubt I defer to them to write the words or share the experiences  on whatever platform they choose.

I guess Zee doesn’t care if I share his story or not–as long as he gets fed?

Cheers and Happy Monday,