Wearing Pants and Kissing Babies

February 26, 2014 By Tom

This week might be as potentially crazy as any 2 weeks in my life.  The next 10 days I have major meetings and pitches to a local hospital, a local sports team, 2 major community centers, 2 other schools and a handful of donors.  Monday, we entered into an agreement with a major community center to provide some summer programming.  Yesterday we got hired by another school to come in and do some programming and our services were retained last week for some school programs in a new city about 40 minutes from Indianapolis.

Right now it’s shaping up that we’ll be in schools 4 days per week after spring break, which is awesome after the programming hiatus we’ve had as we worked on the business side and grew the community relationships.

Throw in the fact that the first round of Brackets for Good kicks off Friday evening and we’re paired up against another great NPO in the first round.  Mix in the fact that while we are a few days behind announcing a new major sponsor we’re prepping to get that online and it’s a recipe for an absolutely exhausting next few weeks.  I’ve got a program day on Saturday working with the Indiana National Guard Youth Services Program, I’ve got a meeting Sunday–which means it’ll be a couple of weeks before I have a day “off”.

Work hard, play hard, right?  I had a blast at The Children’s Museum on Saturday night and ran into a ton of people I know.  Sunday I partook on what will forever become known as Sushi Sunday with a buddy at a place I’ve never been too downtown.  I hung out with the dogs and otherwise tried to get on the right side of this cracked rib that still is letting me know it’s there.

this book was in my gift bag for working Adult Swim, and it’s pretty awesome

love the glass sculpture at The Children’s Museum

sushi Sunday

Zilla’s “Chipotle Sunday”

There’s a bunch of other odds and ends keeping me busy, the gig at Butler, getting approached to do some consulting work, and playing single parent to Bailey and Zilla.

Keeping the wheels turning!