Welcome to Miami

October 26, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

Or as Will Smith used to sing….

Party in the city where the heat is on
All night on the beach till the break of dawn
Welcome to Miami and Bienvenido a Miami
Bouncin’ in the club where the heat is on
All night on the beach till the break of dawn
I’m going to Miami, welcome to Miami
Party in the city where the heat is on
Well, we by no means spent ο»Ώall last week partying late into the night but we did get to enjoy a few of our favorite spots in Fort Lauderdale when I wasn’t required to freeze my butt off and turn blue in a Hilton conference room. Tom was able to join me on my trip for work and we turned it into a little mini vacation and boy was it nice to get away for a few days!
It’s so easy to get “stuck” in our everyday, mundane routines and forget how to enjoy the small, simple pleasures in life. And after the last few weeks we’ve had time away was the perfect medicine. We’ve spent two vacations in Ft. Lauderdale over the years and its quickly become our second “happy place” (after Bloomington, of course). Its been a town we’ve been able to explore, make friends, feel comfortable in and heal from many of life’s curve balls. 
I’ll let the rest of the trip speak for itself in pictures πŸ™‚
It rained the first few days…
Hopefully this is the closest I will ever come to a hurricane…

But the rain didn’t stop us from enjoying a few drinks πŸ™‚
I was able to eat my body weight in seafood which is my favorite thing to do πŸ™‚
Tom wasn’t too pleased I asked him to take this photo…hency why it’s blurry.
Instead of dogs begging from us we had birds….lots of them.

We ended the last night with a walk on the beach. The IPhone failed us with a good picture!

We can’t wait to go back but next time as a true vacation with none of that stuff they call work!!