Well–It Happened–I Witnessed a Red Light Crash

May 28, 2013 By Tom

I’ve been dwelling on this for almost two weeks now.  Trying to find the words to write versus the emotions I was feeling.

I was headed to a meeting in downtown Indianapolis on Wednesday 5/15.  Right at the intersection of Meridian and 28th street I was stopped at a red light waiting in traffic when all of a sudden a white sedan came barreling by me and entered the intersection, collided with a red SUV and sent both cars careening out of control.  I felt helpless as I saw it all play out and felt sick from the same sound of metal and metal and glass breaking that still haunts me from The Crash almost 3 years ago.

And in what felt like almost a slow motion replay–I jumped out of my car and ran over to the accident with several other bystanders while trying to call 911.  A woman had already climbed out of the car (Red Light Runner) and was laying on the ground and the woman in the SUV (SUV Driver) was bleeding heavily from her face.

Another good Samaritan had just got to the woman on the ground who was whimpering (I was lacking sympathy after seeing her run the light), and that good Samaritan told the Red Light Runner, “my name is XYZ (but she was good looking so for this story she will be referred to very respectfully as Hot Nurse), I’m a nurse, can you tell me your name?”

The woman replied with her name and “my shoulder hurts, and I’m worried about my baby”

My first reaction to hearing that was to check the car, become momentarily sick when I saw a baby seat without a child in it, and then overheard the nurse ask “how far along are you?” to the Red Light Runner.

Her reply was “18 weeks”.

I asked her “was there anybody else in the car with you, I see a  baby seat?” and her reply was thankfully “no”.

After knowing she was in good hands with Hot Nurse, I headed over to the SUV Driver that had the right of way and found an older woman who had opened the door but was leaning on the side of the car.

“what hurts, did you lose consciousness?” I asked SUV Driver.

“my face took the force of the airbag, but I’m okay, do you have a cell phone? I need to call my husband.” she replied in a relatively confident voice–and then I had a flashback of making that same call to my own father on the day of our wedding.

“Was there anybody else in the car?” I asked, not finding anyone in the back seats or passenger seat but wanted to confirm.

“No, just me. Did you see what happened?” she asked and luckily at that moment her husband answered her call which gave me the ability to slide away and not have to be the one to tell her she was just a victim of a red light runner.

About that moment the police arrived and the nurse and I give a status update to the officers who had also requested EMS for both drivers.  After the officers began to collect information, they asked the Red Light Runner where her license was, “I don’t have it” she replied.

“do you mean it’s in the car?” asked the officer.

“no, it was suspended” replied the Red Light Runner.

At that moment, I caught eyes with Hot Nurse and before I could say a word she muttered “are you fucking kidding me?”

….my thoughts exactly Hot Nurse.

I gave the officer my contact information and version of events, watched as both drivers were being attended to by EMS, and asked the officer what was going to happen to the driver.

“she’ll be going to jail as soon as we can confirm she was driving on a suspended license.”

And with those parting words, I thought to myself that it could have been worse, somebody could have been killed, another innocent person could have been more seriously injured because of the careless actions of a Red Light Runner and that I had no idea what to expect when I arrived at the cars–that I could have found a fatality–all because some chick was careless, driving on a suspended license and ran a red light.

That accident has played over and over again in my mind, and I can now relate to what those witnesses who saw our Mavris Arts & Events Center bus driven by Jerry Lowery must have felt like in the days and weeks afterwards.

When will people get it?  Running a red light can kill somebody and driving without the proper license (*coughJerryLowerycough*) seems to make it that much more probable.  I’m 2 for 2 on red light accidents with either the wrong license or no valid license being held by the responsible driver.

Be safe out there and make sure that you don’t ruin somebody’s life or the lives of their family and friends.