We’re Staying Busy

September 18, 2012 By Tom

Things keep moving along–the deck is DONE and in this photo set are some pictures of the last few days and the end result.  Natural gas firepit is ordered for it and will be here next week and we’re scouting another long table for it that I might actually wind up building myself since I can’t find anything I like.

What else what else?  We sold L’s car on Saturday and learned why I always struggled with it making noises and the front end not fitting well together–it had been repossessed and in two accidents before she got it and that was wasn’t a known fact to anyone…lovely.

We’re doing the kitchen remodel in a backwards way–buy the appliances as we still plan the kitchen details.  I refuse to pay retail for appliances so I was keeping a close eye on scratch and dent items and found a fridge last week that meets our needs, but I had to rip out the counter a bit to make sure it fits when delivered on Friday..!

Some other random pictures from the last week or so, including my wiring of the whole house for hardwired networking and new phone lines–over 1200 feet in total wiring.

and a dog picture or two!