What Not to Do at Your Wife’s Trail Race & "Tom’s Lists"

October 6, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

Ever have one of those weeks where the pile on your desk that you were hoping to eliminate with massive productivity turns into a week where the massive productivity seems to yield zero tangible progress and the pile on the desk has only grown bigger?  I live off of lists to stay organized and right now the list(s) are exhausting me to even think about…

That’s been my case this week!

Anyways; nothing to exciting on our end; the never ending garage makeover continues with what my back can tolerate and my back has more or less curtailed my working out again…so in the midst of me being incredibly frustrated with that; I thought I’d share a laugh.

Last Sunday at Lauren’s Race:

I threw my trail running shoes in the car for L’s run on Sunday figuring I could get some awesome shots as I relearn everything I forgot about photography 101; but the 38 degree temps really didn’t motivate me to leave the comfort of my warm winter mocs/slips.

The trail shoes didn’t seem nearly as warm

After the 2nd photo stop; I regretted the choice:
Please note the mud, the hill, and the guy standing on top of the mud hill; now note the Xterra in the parking lot…guess what I climbed over to get to this shot?

After I scaled the mud hill (and realized how pissed I am for not being able to do the Muddy Buddy last year in Chicago after The Crash); my shoes looked like this:

it was even worse to scrub off after it dried!
Needless to say I put on the trail shoes and cursed as the geese looked at me and mocked me…
While adding to the list of “what not to do”, I’ll also add “listening to your wife’s estimates of time and distance with even the fleeting thought that she might be off.  Compounded with; don’t try to go to a Starbucks at Purdue the morning after the 8 PM Notre Dame/Purdue game when everyone looks hungover from the all day tailgate before.  Top those two thoughts with finding an awesome place to shoot pictures as you wait for her to come back only you already missed her by a several minutes and sit there for a half hour until you realize she has either been attacked by a Boilermaker, drank a Boilermaker, or simply didn’t ask one of the Purdue math students to calculate her true estimate of time based on a formula that includes the temperature, the altitude, alignment of the sun and stars, and whatever else Purdue students study(side note: also realize that I need to stop making fun of Purdue students who would have benefited me in this situation)”.
This was just the end of the bridge I was all staged on to take pictures; and I was told by multiple runners that it was unfair of me to sit there and drink coffee and have a jacket on if I didn’t bring any of those items for them to share on the bridge with me
Needless to say; I missed L’s finish by about 20 minutes….but I did really enjoy that second cup of coffee that was partly responsible for this.
She did great; and was more chipper after her 13.1 than I was after trail chasing her to take pictures!
The Lists:
L and I are still very much the recently married couple and even though we’ve been in our house for 4 years together (I’ve been here 6 total); the “house” list is really just getting attacked now.  Before fall I need to finish insulating/wiring/plumbing/drywalling the garage.  Insulate and run new cable lines in the attic (this house has like zero insulation in the attic as I learned this summer with the cost of running the AC), fall yard cleanup, put together all the HOA approval stuff for the spring goal we have of a deck and some other outside stuff, get lights/fans for all the bedrooms (whoever thought it was a good idea not to install lights or fans in bedrooms in this house…I want to have a chat with…), and I’m sure I’ll have a few other projects I put on myself from whatever I find at Home Depot and Lowes.
(See how good L has it, I make my own honey-do list….!)
Throw in the balancing act of not overtaxing my back and mix in the crazy busy list I have for work that makes that list look small, and you can see I’ve got my weekdays and weekends booked between now and 2016 (which defeats the goal of having the majority of the house stuff done before winter hits!),
Cheers (maybe I’ll procrastinate and watch some football “just this once”)