What’s Cooking in the Kitchen

January 12, 2014 By Tom

My New Years goal was to get back in the kitchen and rekindle my love to cook.  It’s something that I had gotten away from last summer and in a lot of ways, cooking for 1 was a really depressing activity so I just avoided it as much as possible.

But things have changed and I’ve been tossing together great meals recently.  From the cooking leading into Christmas that included brisket, steaks, dessert and other goodies to the exploration I’ve doing recently with different styles of cooking for chicken and whatnot.  I finally feel like I’m using the kitchen in a way that we designed for and I’m glad that it’s getting put to good use.

I’ve been on a chicken and green bean kick recently.  I’ve been utilizing the wok setup and playing with that, I’ve gotten away from cooking chicken in the oven and instead have been cooking it on the skillet built into the Range and other odds and ends that have made the food come out awesome.  None of it’s been off of a recipe, just playing with what I have as I go.

A photo from the meal tonight; a lemon glazed chicken with stuffing and homegrown green beans from Momma D’s garden that got cooked on the wok with seasoning.

learning on the wok with a true wok ring setup on the range

final product.

Feels great to be back in the kitchen creating things that don’t have a recipe or “path” to success, just having faith that whatever I throw together will be tasty.