Where Are We Going?

July 9, 2012 By Tom

Hope you all had a great 4th of July week.  We were on a bit of Blog hiatus because we spent the week up in Chicago with a mini-vacation of sorts and spending some great time with our family.  We’ll get a post together for all of that this week because Lauren has the writing bug back in her.


There are going to be some big events coming up in The Hanley House over the next few weeks (and no…kids aren’t one of them yet).  So in an effort to give you all an idea of what’s been going on behind the scenes I wanted to put together this little sneak preview of things to look forward too.

  1. Lauren and I have tentatively agreed to resolve the current litigation stemming from the June 5, 2010 Wedding Bus Accident at the Mavris Arts & Events Center.  I say “tentatively” because there is still a lot of paperwork to get through and nothing is solid till it’s all done.
  2. There are several other issues that have stemmed from The Crash and the litigation that occurred after that we will continue to address in the best ways we see fit after wrapping up The Lawsuit.
  3. Lauren and I were just told that the film shoot that we did a few weeks ago and the resulting final product will be a big piece of the Red Light Awareness Week campaign the first full week of August.
  4. We’ll be rolling out some big news about a big community effort we’ll be undertaking to continue to make Indianapolis better through youth health and exercise.
  5. Behind the scenes we’re beginning to assemble what will be a 5-7 piece series of posts that is the full Tell-All of the last few years.  It will also be the last set of posts that are specifically about the The Crash, The Wedding and The Lawsuit.  Think of it as one post a day when it’s done till it’s all said.  It’s a ton of work behind the scenes as we document facts and utilize public information to its fullest so nobody can accuse us of being “wrong”.
  6. We’ll get this website finished and polished–it got away from me last month because of work and schedules but that will be done before the Tell-All series or the August Red Light Awareness Week campaign rolls out.

We hope you all will continue to check out our website and The Blog often with all these big things coming out in the next few weeks.  I can’t begin to describe the crazy pace of life we currently have but we’re enjoying the challenges and efforts we face with many of them.  Oh…and don’t go to far–you won’t want to miss a thing!