Where Has the Week Gone?

July 21, 2011 By Lauren and Tom


Lauren has been the recent Blog queen in terms of posting; I’m not quite sure how it is already Thursday, or July 21st; I’m pretty sure last time I checked Lauren and I were sitting at Harry and Izzy’s for our anniversary dinner on June 5th.

Somebody asked me the other day if I felt The Blog was a burden or “work”; and with that question I realized how much I really do enjoy it, how therapeutic it is, and that it is a good way to unwind from the day even if what I’m writing about has nothing to do with the stressors of the day!  So I’ve missed taking a bit of time of my days this past week to write; but it’s just been a whirlwind.

Lauren and I have been hustling; as she said we’ve been cleaning out what our “storage room” was and turning it into her office.  With the non-profit up and running full time now and the partners at the NPO deciding we didn’t need a formal office considering everything we do would be offsite; our “home office” has become “Tom’s office”.  We’ve gotten rid of a ton, sold a ton on Craigslist, and I haven’t had a complete mental breakdown yet despite there being a huge pile of stuff in my garage.  I give L props though, she has never complained about the garage being “my space”, or my stuff forever taking over her side of the office; so she well deserves her own space for yoga, work, and relaxation.

Life has returned to normal; we have one more thing we need to replace from the lightning strike; but other than that we’re good to go.  We’ve got a block of time between now and Labor Day where we don’t have any full weekend plans (unheard of in our 4.5 year relationship), so we’re just getting our house list done as much as we can afford and physically handle right now; preparing for the next round of “stuff” related to The Lawsuit in August; and finally getting down to B’s place to enjoy the lake. 

Speaking of house stuff; seeking some guidance from anybody in the Indianapolis area who has done lots of custom framing.  Lauren and I dropped off that engagement picture of us that is going in between the Schwinn’s earlier in the week, and had a bit of a “no shit” moment when it came to hearing the price.  We had it framed pretty elaborately, 6 inches of matting in a double matt format, 3 inch frame, mounted on board (poster was 20×30 originally), So when you do the math…it was almost 160 inches of elaborate framing.  We bit the bullet and did it because it was such a focal point of the room and display; but we can’t swing it for the rest of the pictures we need custom framed.
Two of the three posters we still need to order and get framed:
We want to pick up 3 posters to go on that wall with the Schwinn’s and the engagement picture, and the ones we fell in love with are these huge vintage cycling posters that are 37×51 inches and 47×35.  They don’t need to be elaborately framed like the engagement picture; but it’s still a custom size and I dread the costs for that.  Anybody have any local suggestions or good ideas for how to frame such a gigantic poster with quality glass?  We got spoiled with the $30 (always on sale from $60) Hobby Lobby frames that hold the rest of our pictures throughout the house….
So we’re open to framing suggestions that don’t cost a jaw dropping amount…
Been riding a bit, trying to stay out of the heat otherwise, and watching a fair bit of the Tour de France every morning as I sit at my desk and work.  Wish I could say it was a glamourus life; but right now it’s just a quiet life and we’re quite content with that!