why this blog is only a snap shot of my life

February 8, 2015 By Tom

I’ve had a lot of commentary over the last year about how this blog has become more work focused and less “Tom’s personal life” focused. I’ve heard it enough that it’s gone from a passing comment to something I actually feel I need to explain.

First, for much of the past year my personal life has been my work life—there hasn’t always been a separation. My office life has been my social life, my social life revolves around my business relationships and even though I’ve been dating for much of the last 18 months since the divorce; I’ve been selective on what and how I’ve shared information regarding my personal and relationship life.

So, why do I share the latest happenings at work and the big picture and choose not to share the stories and people that are the rocks around me that challenge me and drive me forward?

It’s pretty simple actually…

  • I had my personal life splashed across headlines locally and around the world after the wedding crash. I had to spend more than 2 years looking over my shoulders because of Mavris and his slimeball attorneys. I wasn’t an early adopter of Twitter or open social media because I knew anything I said could be used against me during the lawsuit. It’s nice to know that every twist and turn of life isn’t out there for the world to read by not putting it out there to begin with.
  • I hang out with a lot of really awesome and amazing people. The circles of Indianapolis are small and I don’t want to seem like I’m using my personal relationships and pushing them across social media channels to advance an agenda. My friends are my friends and when the work clock stops, it’s not about work, but I find that being low profile helps cement the fact it’s not about personal gain for me.
  • I at some point will be delving into the political world in addition to my day to day operations at Nine13. The political world in this town can be pretty messy at times and to protect my friendships and relationships from getting dragged into anything–it’s easier to protect them now by being more low key.
  • I live a boring life. On most nights when I don’t have some work function I’m getting dinner with the person I’m dating, or hanging out with my dogs and relaxing, working well after I should be while sitting on the couch or simply watching TV after a hard workout. There isn’t a whole lot to say about my personal life because I’m really a pretty boring person.
  • The gossip circle is potent and I’ve worked way too hard and sacrificed way too much to have my professional career jeopardized because of a bad break-up or a falling out in my personal life. I’ve built Nine13 from the ground up and I refuse to let something stupid hurt my vision and my hard work.

Most importantly, if you should know, you know. It’s not a secret what’s going on in my personal life–but if you aren’t running in my circle in person chances are you don’t need to know the who’s, the what’s or the how’s of what is happening in my personal life. And I just happen to surround myself with people who place the same value on privacy as I do and understand the logistics and situations that can arise when you’re more public with your personal life.

With that being said, as work continues to become more traditional/not as crazy, I plan on having some more fun things to write about.


Thanks for reading,