Word Vomit

November 22, 2013 By Tom

“It just kept coming up like word vomit.”- Mean Girls

I had a watershed moment yesterday, it included word vomit, and friends who are now privy to the inner-story of my life.

And I feel damn lucky.

There we were, banished to the back room of our respective clubhouse because we’re otherwise distracting to the actual real life working adults that were attending a meeting.  We were participating in a late afternoon/workday almost over/think tank of social topics/how do white pants work/happy hour, essentially celebrating the fact our day was done except those one or two things that still needed to be buttoned up before closing time.

And the topic of the wedding came up, and the topic of the divorce, and the details of the divorce, and the funny stories that have resulted from the divorce, and the craziness of life.  And it just kept coming out, 2 great people whom I consider friends, but that sat there and listened to the word vomit of the most personal kind.

Because there was _a lot_ of word vomit.

I’ve been pretty reserved and quiet about all things divorce related, out of respect to the situation and to the ex.  I’m pretty sure it was the equivalent of shaking a 2 liter of Diet Coke and then tossing a Mentos into it…seriously, a massive foamy explosion of sugary goodness.

And then we drank, and gossiped, and I ate a ton of carrots….and then it was almost 1 AM.

So, to the crew that listened to my unloading yesterday, props and massive thanks for what was unknowingly something I really needed.

Things like that make me realize just how lucky I am to know the people I know in my life, and to have found a lot of the people that have come into it recently.  Wouldn’t be standing without the kindness of all of you.