Work Hard, Play Harder

August 19, 2014 By Tom

More photo blog than real blog today, it’s been a crazy 9 days since my last blog.  Let me try to recap

  • Spent 3 days on a program site last week at one of the local hospitals
  • Announced a major grant that Nine13 was awarded
  • Entered into a huge level discussion with a sponsor for 2015
  • Attended a partner nonprofit’s annual meeting and got a really nice bottle of whisky as a thank you for what I’ve helped them with
  • Got the dogs to the vet to get their shots updated
  • Prepared to present to the IPS School Board this evening and represent my sub-committee
  • Snuck up to New Buffalo, MI for the weekend
  • Sampled plenty of beer and whiskey from New Buffalo, MI
  • Swam in Lake Michigan for the first time in a very long time
  • Went to the State Fair, keeping my streak alive since 2005 (I think)
  • Had a meeting with Butler to get ready for my role in the upcoming semester’s business school
  • Prepared for a crazy rest of my day today

I can dive into details on some of these, and will, but I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from the last week with the short amount of time I have this morning.  My writing hasn’t been going quite as quickly as I want with the schedule, so stick with me as I get back on track.

Ferris Wheel at the State Fair

I love this print at the Stray Dog in New Buffalo, wish I could find it for my house–bikes and dogs (and beer when you factor in it hangs in a bar)

Journeyman’s Distillery, so much fun.

happy pups on the way home from their doggie sleepover at Wigglebutt

my office for most of last week

Junior Achievement Annual Event at Meridian Hills Country Club last week

perfection (Harpoon UFO)

a lovely evening at Rick’s Boatyard last night

toes in the sand equals not a worry in the world

my morning 4 mile run took me down here on the Lake


Den put together the whole trip to Michigan (and has been my sounding board with all the crazy at work recently)

You’ll get more words than photos when I have a moment, I promise!