Working and Writing and Friday Dancing

June 21, 2013 By Tom

we’ve always got something funny going on…can’t you tell?

It’s been a week with lots of meetings, really cool happenings at work (check out this story: and the need to do a lot of writing for work that has taken away the time I have for working on “So Much life in Such Little Time” (SMLISLT).  Chipped away another chapter or two this week while still finding some further refined writing style that works for the way we’re presenting the story.

I’m really loving the way it’s coming out so far, it’s in a timeline format that really starts the moment the accident occurs and will take the story through the highs and lows of coping with everything, but it’s not about the details of the events that led us here, but the emotions and true life choices Lauren and I made to survive to where we are today.  I envision the final product having a fair bit of humor, maybe humor that is slightly inappropriate but in many ways that is what got us to where we are today.  Lots of focus on the huge role our family and close friends had among helping us look forward, stories from my efforts to launch the non-profit in the midst of everything and Lauren’s continued success within her career.

I’ve got huge ambitions to have this book wrapped up by the end of the Summer so feelers can begin to be put out early Fall.  That might be a lot of work between now and then but what I am finding is that the more I write, the more the natural progression of the words come.  The easiest way to organize the thoughts that go with something like this is to just keep writing and smiling with the many memories of the last three years.

Enjoy the weekend, we’re hanging out and relaxing with nothing major on the schedule!