Writing in the Professional World

August 5, 2014 By Tom

I’ve got an awesome support system that continues to challenge me to write about meaningful topics in the corporate non-profit culture.  Lessons I’ve learned the hard way.  The things that the traditional non-profit executive would never say.  Meaningful focus points that I hope help one person, that I wish were out there in the world when I started Nine13.

I guest blogged for Bloomerang.co, if you recall I did another post for them back in March and last month when I did a day of writing I had produced a few new corporate pieces that I have been refining and editing down.

Other titles for this blog could have been, but certainly not limited too, “shit I wish people had told me about selling myself”, “quit selling, stop talking and damnit, start doing” and my favorite, “no matter what you’re doing, be authentic or get lost”

Really happy with how this came out: http://bloomerang.co/blog/when-starting-a-nonprofit-dont-be-a-salesman-be-yourself/