Yeah, That’s Happening

March 25, 2015 By Tom

a little bit of California dreamin’ recently–and some really good reflection

I’ve been talking about our expansion for a while now, but today it seems somewhat surreal that we announced our new positions available as part of our Central Indiana expansion into two teams.

We still have a few things to tie up in terms of specifics, most importantly, finalizing terms and getting a check from the corporate partner that we have been engaged with on this whole process. We expect to tie those things up in the next two weeks and want to be in a position to hire people by the middle of May. That will give us the summer to get the new staff totally trained and they’ll be ready to begin programming on their own in August when schools start back up.

I’ve spent the last few days getting the logistics in place to order the equipment needed to go with that second team—a truck, a trailer, bicycles, trainers, tools, TV and custom cart, custom cables and so much more. And if I’m really fortunate, some additional equipment we need for our permanent office, hopefully also paid for by our corporate partner.

It’s a bit surreal, going from a 1 man shop to a hiring plan that includes up to 10 by the end of 2015 here in Central Indiana and additional folks in new cities. We’re currently negotiating with the State of Indiana for training grants related to making sure Indiana is the national headquarters for Nine13sports for years to come and making sure that all available incentives are available to support our growth.

I’m so glad I never quit chasing my dream

In the midst of the upcoming craziness, I’ve been working hard to make things nice and simple on the homestead. I was fortunate to get a decent raise at the beginning of the year that reflects the hard work and sacrifice I’ve put into the last few years. I’ve done a good job allocating the vast majority of that salary raise into very adult and mundane things—hiring someone to mow the grass and landscaping, using Green Bean Delivery, having a cleaning woman coming and dealing with the house, getting ready to finish out the garage, saving up for a rainy day–but it’s all stuff that means when I walk in the door after a hard day I can kick back and relax and not feel like I have a chore list that stresses me out.

Zilla hasn’t minded my effort to streamline the home life

I’ve joked that 2015 is “the year of me making me happy” and it has felt good to invest in myself and simplifying my life so I can better manage my time and be able to decompress at the end of the day.

We just finished up our last school day until after spring break, and I’ve got a few meetings next week and a quick trip to Chicago for work—but I’m looking forward to unwinding a bit over the next 11 days and catching up on some writing, including the blog. So, keep your eyes peeled for the latest happenings and musings as I have a chance to catch my breath!