Author: Tom

Come Hang Out With Us

July 12, 2012 By Tom

I’ve written about my 9-5 (24/7) job as an executive director for Nine13sports which I co-founded with two partners several years ago.  To steal the words from our corporate website (… A fresh and unique concept that brings cycling to Central Indiana youth and allows them to experience a sport that promotes health and wellness for […]

Let the Project(s) Begin

July 11, 2012 By Tom

Lauren and I have always wanted a deck off our house.  We love to be outside and the pathetic excuse for a patio has never really cut it for us.  I’ve had a deck design in my mind for several years and we got delayed in being able to actually build it because of the […]

Where Are We Going?

July 9, 2012 By Tom

Hope you all had a great 4th of July week.  We were on a bit of Blog hiatus because we spent the week up in Chicago with a mini-vacation of sorts and spending some great time with our family.  We’ll get a post together for all of that this week because Lauren has the writing […]