Chicago Memories

November 27, 2013 By Tom

I’ve been to Chicago countless times, explored a good chunk of the city and had a chance to have some great tour guides.  There are so many cool places in this city with history, and there are a ton of memories incorporated into some of the regular spots I’ve ventured too over the years.  Yesterday was a bit of a chaotic day wrapping stuff up from the work week and dealing with a broken sink at my parents place, but finally made it out last night to a couple of my favorite spots.

First, Paulina Market to help grab the 30 pound turkey.  There’s a lot of markets around Chicago, but this one is truly incredible.  And the look on the faces of everyone who hears the request to pick up the 30 pound turkey.

they had this friendly reminder on how close Christmas is

And then the always awesome drive down Lake Shore Drive at dusk, one of my favorite random roads in America outside of A1A and PCH.

stuck in traffic at rush hour, but still an awesome view

And then of course, my favorite Steakhouse and one of my favorite restaurants anywhere, The Firehouse on South Michigan Avenue.  I’ve celebrated college graduation here, random week nights, had numerous brunches on the patio and a whole lot of other memories here.  It’s got one of my favorite bars and one of the best Filet Oscar meals around.  And, most importantly, they have Goose Island Matilda on draft AND they make a mean martini.  It’s a certain love I have for The Firehouse.

for some reason I fell in love with this bar and can’t find one to match it in Indy

Matilda on draft? I’d consider trading a future first born to have this be an option at home

Needless to say, I’m enjoying my time in Chicago and I’m not going without food or beverage.  I need to run every day up here just to offset the good home cooking!

Ready for Turkey Day tomorrow, my favorite day of the year.  And remember, if you have to lift a 30 pound turkey…lift with your knees and not your back, turn that thing into a crossfit workout.