It’s a Great Day to Say Thanks

June 4, 2013 By Tom

3 years tomorrow. 3 crazy years with more stories than will fit in a book and 3 years of a relationship that has weathered every type of storm imaginable.

Tomorrow is a day to celebrate life, love, friendships, memories, survival, Freewill and Carpe Diem.  There will always be mixed emotions when it comes to this week for many, but what people always forget is that mixed emotions are part of the everyday package for Lauren and I and we do our best to carry on and forward.

Today is a day to say “thanks”:

Lauren: Thanks for being an awesome wife, best friend and supporting my dreams and goals every step along the way.  None of what I’ve created at work would be possible without your support and your involvement.  3 years will become 30 years and then more and I can’t wait for everything that comes with that.

Mom & Dad: Thanks for the support in every which way over the last 3 years, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do today without the support and love from you both and the education you instilled upon me.


Chuck & Karen: Thanks for the efforts and willingness to help out with anything, glad to have you in town finally!

Beth (& the family): Thanks to my “big sister”, best friend, partner in fighting the evil in our lives, thanks for propping me up when needed over the years and making me laugh at totally inappropriate things.

Glenn & Gail: Thanks for being role models, examples of how to live life and be pillars in the lives of others–have a great trip to Scotland!

Swain (and Julie): Thanks for being there for the last 9 years and the many antics that have come with that time.  You’re the brother I never had and have always been the one to say how it is with brutal honesty-…and have created most chaos with me as a partner in crime than either one of us care to admit.

Bob & Natalie: Thanks for being great friends and providing hours of laughter no matter what.


Ken & John: Pursuing our joint passion and vision, sounding board, words of wisdom and hilarity are parts of our daily lives together–thanks for all you’ve taught me and making the incredibly hard work we do “fun” every day.

Ewing, Stolle, Gaerte, Virgil, Freter: Thanks for being there no matter what and knowing that with a phone call any of you would move a mountain for me.

JBD: I’ll never understand how I walked off the bus 3 years ago, but I do understand that you made sure I did and if it wasn’t for you I most likely wouldn’t be here.  That thought pushes me to give my all every single day and make sure I enjoy life to the fullest with Freewill.  I miss you every single day.

There are a lot more that deserve a thanks, but I have to get some actual work done before I take tomorrow off to celebrate 3 years of marriage with Lauren!